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ONE TOOL for 100% ESI Sample Introduction Efficiency or for great MALDI crystals!

....Fly droplets from anything to anything! Video. See our NEW US Army Dispensing Tool, the APG-X1-->

Corporations can LICENSE our hot IP that we can append to .... YOUR products...

....Enter MS sample prep/intro markets: Syringe/MS ; Pipette/MS ; pump/MS; or ESI/LCMS, LC/MALDI.

THE NANOLITER COOL WAVE tech and dispenser systems are the....

SAME DEVICE makes excellent, high sensitivity CRYSTALS for MALDI, SIMS, LDI or for LC/MALDI!
SAME DEVICE! dispenses non-touch, in parallel w/SPE as fast as 384 channels/msec robotically!

IBF shoots drops like this ....... in a straight line, that minimizes coulombic repulsion, i.e., defocusing.
IBF eliminates E dispersion cause by cone jet sprays. Hence, 100% goes into the MS w or w/out funnels.
IBF directs drops to targets as nLs-> ions. ESI/MS intro is 100% Efficient! & the fastest in world!

Users Successes. E-FIELDS & Liquids. About us.

America's greatest mass spectroscopist called our breakthrough IBF technology, "great" and our ability to shoot 100% of cells/fragments, samples, mixtures, into MS systems, "very exciting!" We agree!
The "Beer's Law" of MS ( short or long version) proves msec, 100% efficient IBF sample input has merit.

What IBF can do. Even more IBF with data, pics and video.Why use nLs, pLs? Observe IBF morphs

We changed GCMS in the USA. Now, we're changing MS via rapid (msec), 100% efficient liquid sample introduction from syringes, pipettes, pumps, chips using CELL PHONES for infusion & LCMS today!

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