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News & Events

5-11-21 Visit our Wednesday ASMS 2021 poster. Let's talk ESI MS of cells, "all-in" Android ESI MS, rapid infusion, etc.

5-31-20 See you at ASMS 2020 poster w/ Adaptas with co-author Dr.Shomo.

5-31-19 See you at ASMS 2019 poster WP-176 and Adaptas booth 216 with co-author Dr.Shomo.

9-3-18 Want to print with THC or CBD oils?

8-26-18 NEW! nL LLC acquired another example of patented rapid MS data for 30 pesticides in a sample in one second at Caltech. Showed data at CSC in Portland, Aug. 28-29.

6-21-18 We'll show at the Cannabis Science Conf., Portand, OR. Aug 27-30, Can A Cell Phone And A Mass Spectrometer Determine Pesticides and Potency In One Second? YES!

3-24-18 NEW Programmable Wave for Infusion and UPLC MS & the MALDI nL Pipette to show at Scientific Instrument Services ASMS booth 908 http://www.sisweb.com.

3-24-18 nL LLC ASMS Tuesday poster,"Pulsed Liquid Droplet Inductive Programmed Injection, A 1000x Sample Rate Increase Compared To ESI Sprays?"

3-9-18 nL LLC talks at LV Medical Marijuana Meeting. Rapid Potency Screening?

3-2-18 nL LLC talks at UNLV Chemistry Department. Request presentation.

10-20-17 nL LLC particiates in invited Webex conference by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center NASA note.

9-20-17 nL LLC invited to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

7-13-17 nL LLC begins applied R&D effort to develop a rapid 1 to 10 second IBF screening test with a commercial firm and a UNLV Professor. NSC starts effort too.

6/4-8/17 Successful ASMS 2017: 100% Input Efficient IBF UPLC ESI MS of nucelosides & more presented in two posters with U. Cincinnati & INL. Booth 209

5-24-17 nL LLC consulting with UCSD re: nanoparticle dispensing.

8-31-16 Asilomar 2016 with U Cincinnati, 100% Input Efficient IBF based UPLC ESI MS of nucelosides demoed!

6-16 ASMS 2016: Reported with INL, a Li+ coin battery w/fire retardants in electrolyte successfully DIRECTLY analyzed by HR MS!

6-16-16 ASMS 2016: US Army reports success of nL dispensing APG-X1 at ASMS 2016.

7-16-16 First Time An Android Shot nL Liquid Samples Into a MS @ Stanford's, Zare Lab. Famous Professor re: nanoLiter Programmable Wave: "It works!"

5-15-16 Pipette MS IP awared.

12-30-15 nanoLiter's Sanibel ASMS abstract.

8-3-15 nanoLiter to exhibit at NIH Tent Show, September 17,18, 2015. See our NEW droplet dispenser and the NEW Army MS/Dispenser, the APG-X1.

8-3-15 "Induction Based Fluidics (IBF) for Droplet-Based Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Oligonucleotides." Published. R. Ross, Professor Pat Limbach, corresponding author,limbacpa@ucmail.uc.edu.

6-30-15 nanoLiter IBF dispenser used to analyze fluids from an OPERATING battery at INL!

5-29-15 EXCITING oligonucleotide data from U of Cinncinati,(Ross & Limbach, MP 052) presented at ASMS showing drops desolvate better than sprays! Also, MP 014 (Drops vs. Sprays) & WP 452(Programmable Cell Phone MS Ion Source) pesented.

3-16-15 nanoLiter's newest IBF based ESI LCMS patent goes to issue!

3-4-15 IBF show 25 x increase in ESI sensitivity for difficult oligos at U. Cincinnati (R. Ross & P. Limbach). We're excited to coauthor a Gordon Conference presentation.

2-18-15 US Army trains at nanoLiter LLC. Army scientists calls the new APG-X1 dispenser an exciting new capability for defense fluidics.

2-4-15 Read our exciting MSACL paper here.

2-4-15 See you at booth 57 at ASMS where we'll show a cell phone/computer ESI energy source, The Programmable nanoLiter Wave!

12-2-14 nanoLiter LLC to displayed at ASMS's Sanible meeting. Video demo? Call Drew Sauter @ 702-882-5413. nanoLiter's Clearwater ASMS abstract. and Clearwater Table Backdrop..

11-18-14 nanoLiter LLC and USPTO agree on new HPLC, UPLC and Dispensing LCMS patent!

11-12-14 Attend our 1/2 day course during Pittcon. Learn how to FLY liquids to targets to increase MALDI, SIMS, LDI, ESI sensitivity! Contact us,702-882-5413, adsauterjr@gmail.com, to reserve a spot! See the fastest (msec) most efficient way (100% to varied) to place samples into instuments or ontoot into targets from instuments to test animals from LC effluent to whole blood. Learn the physics, chemistry and applications of IBF.

10-29-14 nanoLiter's Sanibel ASMS abstract. Video demo? Call Drew Sauter @ 702-882-5413.

9-29-14 nanoLiter presented and gave a poster at Asilomar.

9-25-14 nanoLiter receives significant IP allowance for IBF based LC/MS and more from USPTO! Proof is available.

8-29-14 DoD selects nanoLiter Cool Wave devices!

7-3-14 nanoLiter provides free MALDI spotting assistance via references to ETH's Dr. Renato Zenanto and his group.

5-28-14 nanoLiter Cool Wave receives excellent Science Select review!

5-26-14 See our two posters with Merck, Idaho National Lab and the University of Cincinnati on Monday(2) and Wednesday. Visit Booth 135. Learn how ONE INEXPENSIVE DEVICE, the nanoLiter Cool Wave, increases ESI and MALDI sensitivity. This enhancement results because it delivers 100% of your sample (in as fast as milliseconds) into your ESI interface or because it can also can be used to rapidly make excellent quality MALDI crystals! See COOL video! Note we teach electrohydrodynamics!

3-27-14 NanoLiter LLC collaborates at Caltech.

3-15-14 See you at ASMS booth 135 + 2 Monday posters and more.

2-15-14 nanoLiter LLC begins R&D for Merck. IBF technology applied to BOTH, ESI and MALDI called .... "revolutionary."

2-1-14 See you at booth 135 at ASMS! "

1-29-14 Read about IBF flying droplets into levitated droplets in the new publication, Mixing in Colliding, Ultrasonically Levitated Drops Edward T. Chainani , Woo-Hyuck Choi , Khanh T. Ngo , and Alexander Scheeline Anal. Chem., Just Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1021/ac403968d Publication Date (Web): January 24, 2014 Copyright © 2014 American Chemical Society

11-13-13 Attend our Pittcon 2014 course!" The Future of LC/MS. Advances in MS and LC/MS Sample Introduction, Sample Placement and Liquid Handling. You'll actually dispense nLs, see cool videos of nLs flying into levitated uLs & millisecond MS sample introduction acquistions, the fastest in the world. You'll also review NEW hot data for Lanthanides, drugs of abuse and LC/MS data for vitamin D, oligos and more!

Attend our Sunday poster and our Pittcon oral,"100% Efficient, Millisecond ESI/LC/MS Sample Introduction and Analysis" Tuesday, March 04, 2014, 10:45 AM, Room S502b,at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.

8-28-13 nanoliter's products listed with Scientific Instrument Services.

8-1-13 Analytical Chemistry paper pdf available,"Rapid Analysis of Single Droplets of Lanthanide-Ligand Solutions by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry using an Induction Based Fluidics Source", from Dr. Gary Groenewold of Idaho Natonal Lab ,the corresponding author, E-mail: gary.groenewold@inl.gov or ACS http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ac400863g?journalCode=ancham or from us.

6-26-13 NEW ! Analytical Chemistry paper published,"Rapid Analysis of Single Droplets of Lanthanide-Ligand Solutions by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry using an Induction Based Fluidics Source", Author(s): Groenewold, Gary; Sauter, Andrew; Sauter, Andrew, Dr. G. Groenewold corresponding author, E-mail: gary.groenewold@inl.gov. ACS http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ac400863g?journalCode=ancham

6-26-13 NEW ! Contact us for a copy of our 2013 ASMS poster:"ESI sample introduction and MALDI sample preparation unified by electric induction." Note: we can directly analyze mixtures shot into any ESI. We can do so at the fastest rate at the highest introduction efficiency (ca.100%) on the planet! Because with IBF, we shoot drops like this........... in a straight line as we direct them with E ----> virtually eliminating the coulombic interactions inherent in sprays. Our drops go where we want them to go!

6-4-13 See millisecond LC/ESI/MS sample introduction video. We did the entire Lanthanide series in +,- eV in 2 hours ! 6000 determinations in 2 days! ASMS 2013 !

5-31-13 See new embodiments of ESI/MS Dispenser, nanoLiter pipette and a new LC/syringe/pump device.....ASMS 2013 ! New publications too!

3-5-13 See you at ASMS Booth No. 18 with more BREAKTHROUGH 100% sample intro technology. Why spray when you can shoot liquids like this............

2-2-13 Pittcon MAJOR FIRST AT OUR NETWORKING SESSION WEDNESDAY AT THE PHILADELPHIA MARROITT. See Hamilton,SGE, KLOEHN syringes dispense 100 percent of nLs, uLs, non-touch into MS systems onto MALDI or TLC plates using our Cool Wave dispener. See Eppendorf's,Gilson's,Roche's, Thermo's pipettes dispense nLs,uLs non-touch using our NEW nL pipette tool set! See Idexcorp pumps dispenses and treat non touch. See ONE PATENTED robotic technology for LC/MALDI, LC/ESI and parallel dispensing that is 100% introduction efficient! Only one in the world!

Technology is avaliable for licensing. Attend our course on Sunday,Visit http://www.Pittcon.org, or our Wednesday Networking session. LICENSE THE FLUIDIC FUTURE!

2-23-13 See you at BAMS. We'll show our digital dispensing device, the nanoLiter pipette and more! If you want to meet call Drew, 702-896-5413.

2-20-13 NEW! nanoLiter announces a new 8-fold manifold fitting to adapt to microliter syringes for "small" tissue MALDI,parallel nL/uL dispensing and more.

1-9-13 NEW! 1.5 day open schedule dispensing course in Henderson,NV. You'll dispense liquids for MS, TLC, MALDI and other apps. Learn IBF and you'll receive a course book, manual, many articles/posters on a jump drive and more! Call 702-896-5413.

9-22-12 NEW: PATENTED, nanoLiter Cool Wave syringe w/replaceable tips. microliter syringe,100 tips,adapter/s, technical input,license, $149.00.

9-22-12 NEW: PATENTED, nanoLiter pipette w/replaceable nL tips. 50 nL tips, pipette, technical input, license, directions, $100.00. pipette/MS? Yes!

9-15-12 NEWS: nanoLiter LLC awarded, Conferee Networking Session by Pittcon. The topic,100% Efficient Mass Spectrometry Sample Introduction" is scheduled for Wednesday morning, March 20, 2013, starting at 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM, in Room 306 of the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Hotel (connecting with the Pennsylvania Convention Center). Philadelphia, PA, USA.

8-1-12 nanoLiter's course on nanoLiter dispensing, MS and other sample handling will be given again at Pittcon 2013. In the course, you'll actually dispense nLs from nL devices. We'll discuss sample prep from TLC to uL, nL non-touch whole blood dispensing as well. We'll also discuss how non-touch depositions of viscous liquids can be used to make "features" for industrial nano-applications. We'll show how our ability to shoot liquids with 100% sample introduction efficiency into MS may increase the sensitvity of MS across the board by 100x! We'll also visit,revisit peer review papers showing how nL samples and IBF dramatically increase the sensitivity by ca. to 10 to 100x for MALDI, SIMS, LDI and other techniques including our newly added inexpensive tissue MALDI capability. Visit http://www.pittcon.org.

5-24-12 NEWS: nanoLiter LLC, IChrom gets,SelectScience ink.

5-8-12 NEWS: IChrom and nanoLiter LLC sign Sales Agreement! See nanoLiter Cool Wave Dispenser at Booth 91. Please attend our posters, MP25 and WP34. See very cool video of nLs flying into levitated uL droplets from U of Illinois.

5-6-12 Please meet us at our Monday and Wednesday Posters! ASMS presentations: Launching, Directing, Measuring NanoLiter Droplets Shot Into/Onto Targets Including: Levitated Droplets; Mass Spectrometers; MALDI Plates, Human Beings Using Electric Fields with Professor Alexander Scheeline, University of Illinois, Urbana. Monday, May 21.. Also, on Wednesday, May, 23, we'll present another poster, Why spraying is so electrostatically ingnorant and how to eliminate it with a fast inductive electronic circuit.

4-16-12 Our LC/MS patents gurantee 100% LC/MS sample introducion efficiency, along with unique IP and positions. Our portfolio includes: awarded; onoing OA's and 4 pending patents with international options in many embodiments derived from our first 1999 patent. Don't be scooped, consider a development, licensing agreement.

4-2-12 Please send us a draft of the your ASMS posters, Drew. Here's my contact info and interests.

3-29-12 Are you still ESI spraying and throwing away 99% of your sample? Are you still using the dumb droplet method for MALDI sample prep? Try our Products and move your research or application to the 21st century.

3-2-12 nanoLiter to give ASMS presentation: Launching, Directing, Measuring NanoLiter Droplets Shot Into/Onto Targets Including: Levitated Droplets; Mass Spectrometers; MALDI Plates, Human Beings Using Electric Fields with Professor Alexander Scheeline, University of Illinois, Urbana. Monday, May 21.. Also, on Wednesday, May, 23, we'll present another poster, Why spraying is so electrostaitcally ingnorant and how to eliminate it with a fast inductive electronic circuit.


2-11-12 nanoLiter LLC to prensent three papers at Pittcon on MS sample preparation and 100% sample introduction (2 Sunday afternooon and one on Monday!?).

1-10-12 nanoLiter LLC SALE, A Limited number of nanoLiter Cool Wave Lyte Dispensers will be offered at a 25% discount for the next month ! Act now!

1-04-12 nanoLiter LLC's in Stefan Fritsch's excellent paper, Instrument News. NanoLiter is seeking equity investors to expand marketing,manufacturing of our unique, 100% efficient MS (ESI, MALDI, SIMS, DART) sample introduction, preparation tool set.

12-02-11 nanoLiter to give course and three podium presentation at Pittcon,"Shooting 100% of Liquid Samples, Cells, Blood and More Into Mass Spectrometers Using Nanoliter Pipettes, Syringes and Pumps via IBF after successful MSACL presentation."

11-02-11 nanoLiter finishes install at Allergan of nL dispenser that can stir liquids in optical cells for spectrophotometry,fluorimetry using patent pending devices!

10-02-11 nanoLiter Cool Wave producing improved results for MALDI of bacteria at NIH. Note: The same device can be used to shoot 100% of your samples into your ESI interface, very reproducibily!

09-11-11 nanoLiter wins new IP for dried blood spot analysis!

06-29-11 nanoLiter to work with UC to shoot disease samples/cells directly into mass spectrometers. nL is seeking other collabrators.

06-24-11 nanoLiter seeking/finding collborators to shoot 100% of cancer (disease) sample cells directly into mass spectrometers for breakthrough biomarker discovery.

05-30-11 nanoLiter receives patent for cold,hot 100% nL IBF intrument sample treatment,introduction.

05-24-11 nanoLiter acquires spectra from cells, oral moeities (lipids) by directly shooting them into a JEOL TOF and Water's QTOF. See spectra at ASMS 2010 TP 25.

05-22-11 nanoLiter shows that IBF yields ESI like spectra on a Water's QTOF with 100% introduction effciency on liquids with peptides/proteins shot into the system at room temperature and physiological pH's!

05-16-11 nL Dispenser yields 10,100x increase in MALDI sensitivity and it allows you to shoot 100% of your sample into your ESI!

04-19-11 MAJOR MS NEWS: Nanoliter demonstrates precise,sensitive 100% TOF MS sample introduction efficiency using a nL Cool Wave dispenser! Today IBF demoed organic and inorganic MS on the same TOF by simple changing the solutions and using FIA via IBF. Email us. We'll send details!


Youtube videos See: nLs fly up and how to make nanoliter-sicles role and get picked up. See nLs dispense in msec and see a parallel 384 channel dispense in 1 msec. fastest in world. License tech for tissue LC/MALDI, 100% MS sample introduction.


Nanoliter invited to Berkeley, Genentech and FBI.


Nanoliter's 2011 Pittcon Course


Nanoliter hosts ASMS Asilomar banquet and presents a poster, abstract.


Nanoliter writes an invited article for the Canadian trade paper, Lab Product News.


Single cell MALDI published by J. Jarecki at U of Wisconsin using our nL dispenser!


NIST publishes (Rapid Commun.Mass Spectrom., 2010;24: 593-598.) that using IBF deposited glycerol from our nL dispensing device that “cocaine in the glycerol drops were enhanced by more than a factor 100 compared with an analogous area on the surface and a factor of 1000 over the lifetime of the glycerol drop.” Major increases in the sensitivity of RDX also observed!

Nanoliter's Archive To 2007.



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